Daily Devotional for Nov. 9-15, 2020
Monday, Nov. 9

Read Acts 2:1-13 out loud.
What might have been your response if you had been there that day? Why?
What might be your response if you witnessed or experienced something like this today? Why?

Tuesday, Nov. 10
Read Acts 2:14-24.
What captures your attention?
What challenges or comforts you?
Wednesday, Nov. 11

Read Acts 2:32-33, 36-41.
What do you notice in this passage?
To what is Peter witnessing?
To what can you witness?

Thursday, Nov. 12

Read the whole Acts 2 text included in the devotional.
Any new insights?
What questions have been raised?

Friday, Nov. 13

Spend some time in prayer, focusing on the portion of Scripture that is resonating with you, that is confusing
you or that is challenging you. Write your prayer.

What did you hear or receive during this time?
Saturday, Nov. 14

Pour out upon us Your Holy Spirit, that we might worship You in spirit and truth. Pour out upon us Your Holy Spirit, that though we cannot see You, we might know You in our hearts. Pour out upon us Your Holy Spirit that Your truth may be indwelling, a fountain of living water welling up to eternal life.
To You be all praise, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, eternally one God. Amen. (Leading in Prayer: A Workbook for Worship by Hughes Oliphant Old, p. 24)

Are you open to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit?
Why or why not?
If you are, pray the above prayer and then write down what you hear, sense, observe.
Sunday, Nov. 15

What are you hoping to give God today?
What are you hoping to receive from God today?