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The Mission Committee serves as a means to show God’s love through helping those in need, wherever they are in the world.  The members of our congregation want to spread the joy of our blessings so that they become a blessing to others, in both large and small ways.  Our projects include aiding school children, giving gifts to children and adults with cancer, supporting international missionary work, feeding the hungry both locally and far away, and contributing to charities in Burlington.  We have something for everyone according to abilities, from getting “down and dirty” with outside work, to making sandwiches to give away, shopping for food, throwing parties, and more!

There are many opportunities to serve, and anyone with a giving heart will be welcomed with open arms!  It’s not necessary to join the committee to be a part of any of the missions, but it would be exciting to have new faces and ideas flowing in. 
Come join us!
Christian Education
Worship Committee
First Presbyterian Church has a  Boomerang” Backpack mission that provides weekend supplemental food items to fifteen qualified families with children at risk, that attend North Hill Elementary School. This weekly support begins early each school year, continuing until the end of the school days in May.
Church volunteers purchase some of the
food items each week and are reimbursed
by the Mission Committee. One volunteer may place a monthly order from the Food Bank via the internet, while another
volunteer emails Hy-Vee weekly, requesting canned food items that the Food Bank
cannot provide.
Yet, another volunteer maintains inventory
organization in the storage room, and packs each weeks food items in bags for other
volunteers to deliver to North Hill.
If you have an interest in being involved, please contact the Mission Committee.
Angel Tree Program
The object of our ‘Angel Tree’ is to help families in need with clothing for their children at Christmas time.
Stirrings of the Program start the middle of October with letters and forms being sent to counselors at each of the Burlington grade schools. November sees the forms returned to us with information about the family most in need from each school.
Tags are then filled out for each child with their name, age and size. The Angel Tree
is decorated with tags the Sunday before Black Friday giving ample time for the congregation to purchase the gifts. The
gift list includes a top or shirt, pants and a wish list item for each child in the family. Gifts are then picked up by the family the week before Christmas. Opportunities abound if interested to lend a helping
hand. It is a wonderful feeling of giving back to see the wrapped or unwrapped packages arrive and placed on and around the trees as we start the Advent season.
If you would like to be involved with the Angel Tree program, there are many ways to help. If you would like to help, just give the church a call 319-752-6626.
Cozy Tree
Our relationship with the Burlington Grade Schools led us to open up a ‘Cozy Tree’. The items on this tree are for spur of the moment problems. For example, if a child ever loses or forgets a mitten or needs a clean pair of pants. That is why we collect unwrapped miscellaneous clothing in assorted sizes such as hats, underwear, sweatshirts, mittens or gloves, scarfs or jeans are hung on the Cozy Tree. After
Christmas, volunteers box up everything and take them to the North Hill Grade School. The clothing is then distributed with the help of the counselor to include all the grade schools.
It is a wonderful feeling of giving back to see the wrapped or unwrapped packages arrive and placed on and around the trees as we start the Advent season.
If you would like to be involved with the  Cozy Tree program, there are many ways to help. If you would like to help, just give the church a call 319-752-6626.
Hayrack Ride
  Every fall there is get together that is beyond fun!
    At the starting point, which again will be at the home of Bill & Sue Carter, there will be pumpkin-decorating, fishing, paddle-boating, kayaking, games, face painting, apple bobbing and snacks.
   After about 90 minutes of that rollicking fun, everyone who desires to ride on hayracks will be loaded up (those who wish to ride in cars will be doing so as well) and taken about 2 miles to the Kinney Kompound. A bonfire will greet you, along with chocolate, graham crackers and of course marshmallows to create your own s’mores.
   The pumpkin hunt will be the next adventure, along with a special hidden black cauldron that promises to yield a special prize. Once most of the pumpkins have been discovered (each year Pastor Deb finds a few hidden gems days/months later) and everyone has had their fill of s’mores, all party goers will load up again and ride or drive back to the beginning for a second bonfire on which you can roast hotdogs.

Treasure Chest

Gifts are placed in the Treasure Chest by the church family. The gifts, mostly made up of toys, art projects, puzzles or anything fun for a child, get sent to our friends at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital Cancer Unit every month. Each child receives a gift before or after each of their treatments.  

In the fall when school begins, the church family is asked to bring school supplies and place them in the Treasure Chest. The children have a classroom on level 11 where they can go to keep up with their school studies during their stay. Many outpatient children having treatments also have classes there, too. 

During the Christmas season we purchase Christmas gifts for the children’s cancer unit and for the adult cancer unit. After the gifts are purchased they are wrapped and delivered before Christmas. Books are also purchased from Burlington by the Book for each child in the unit to be delivered as another Christmas gift. 

If you would like to help, please call the church office @ 319-752-6626 or Janet Calvin for more information.      

Salvation Army, Neighborhood Center and Homeless Shelter

On the first of each month, First Presbyterian Church delivers shopping bags, emergency blankets and hygiene products to each of these facilities. The church family contributes travel size shampoo, hand sanitizers, hand lotion, toothbrush with toothpaste and body wipes. These items are put in the shopping bags to be given to those in need. Snacks are often added as well. 

At Christmas time there is a tree set up in the fellowship hall to collect hats, scarfs, gloves, socks and long underwear. Basically, anything that could be given to the homeless to get them through the cold winter days.

The Hallelujah Handbell Choir enhances worship periodically during
the school year. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 6 – 7 PM, with a
winter break during January  and February. Ringers have a range of
experience, some of over 15 years and others with only a couple.
There is a place at the table for any who read music and are interested!