Summer Sermon Series…

Worship the Lord

    Worship is the unique praise of God. God is the subject, God is the focus. The chief aim of worship is to please God, to give God our praise, our adoration, our prayers, our thanksgiving, our confession, our offerings, our proclamation of the Word and our commitment. Worship is our response to God’s call and God’s gifts of grace. Worship is done with gladness and joy, with repentance and sorrow, with all of ourselves.

   Our Reformed worship services are structured to facilitate our corporate worship, but worship need not be confined to Sunday mornings. We can offer to God our praise, adoration, prayers, thanksgiving, confession and our commitment every day of the week. Worship honors God in ways that tell of His worthiness. Worship delights God as we tell God how great He is. It is good for our souls to tell God how beautiful and creative and loving and generous He is! This affirming can be done through singing, praying, shouting, dancing, musical instruments, whatever helps in celebrating God’s character, God’s personality, God’s name. You see, worship is not about how we feel when we leave the sanctuary or turn off the computer. Nor is it about how good or bad we think the sermon or the music were. It’s not about you or me! It’s all about God! Worship proclaims God’s truth, God’s character and God’s actions on our behalf and gives God all the credit and thanks. God is the audience for our worship; we are the participants.

   One of the reasons I am spending the summer looking at worshiping God is because there is so much about God to proclaim and celebrate: His holiness, His power, His hiddenness, His humility, His majesty, His grace, His love, His mercy, His creativity, His glory, His mystery, His beauty, His transcendence, His immanence, His suffering, His sacrifice … the list can continue.
    Gospels and psalms: putting a face, so to speak, on the One we worship. In each of the ‘I Am’ texts, Jesus is affirming that He is God. He alone is the One we worship and serve … He has added another dimension – a very personal dimension — to worshiping God. Jesus reveals God’s character, God’s actions, God’s truth done on our behalf.  
In the Splendor of His Holiness
June 28, 2020

The Heavens Declare His Glory
July 5, 2020

…and Praise Him
July 12, 2020

                …and Exalt His Name                                                       July 19, 2020

….the Lord in Unity                   August 2, 2020

…the Lord Every Day
August 9, 2020

                I am the Resurrection     
August 16, 2020

            I am the Bread of Life     
August 23, 2020

                       I am LIFE!
August 30, 2020