Pledge, Time, Talent

The Ingathering of our 2021 pledges is Sunday, Nov. 1. The Trustees are asking you to prayerfully consider what you can give this coming year. Your pledges help us know how to plan for staffing, programs and ministries. We have had changes in staffing in 2020 and have needed to make some adjustments as we adapt to doing ministry post-pandemic. We would like to plan for the next year as if we are returning to some form of ‘normal,’ as that continues to evolve in the coming months.  

Our church budget has changed very little in recent years. Our pledges have also been consistent, but have fallen short of the budget. The last three years we have been blessed to have money in reserve to use to help us balance the budget. This year Trustees and Session voted to apply for government assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program to help pay for some of our personnel costs. We received approximately $19,000, all of which went to pay for staff salaries. All this has helped, but our reserves continue to dwindle. That is why we are asking you to prayerfully consider increasing your pledge for next year, otherwise budgetary cuts are possible. Please prayerfully fill out your pledge card and return it on Ingathering Sunday, or bring/mail it to the church office at your convenience before Nov. 1.

Are we too busy with work to weep with those who weep? Do our kids’ activities claim so much time that we have none left over to help Christians in need? Are we so consumed by life that we have no idea what our church family’s needs are or how we might help meet them?

As the Puritan Thomas Watson said, “Time is a talent to trade with.” How are we investing our time to serve others? How we spend our time both reveals and trains our hearts. Where our time goes, there our hearts will be also.


Thank you

Just because it has been quiet around the church, doesn’t mean that there isn’t maintenance that needs to be done. I, Kelle, was very happy to see that people stepped up to help with the       repainting of all of the railings around the church. After chatting with a few of the ladies, I came to find out that it had been a long time since the last time they were painted. No one knew for sure, but the thought was about 10 to 15 years ago. This wonderful group of people scraped, sanded, and painted all of the railings along Washington Street, 5th Street and the side between the buildings. Let’s all send up a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to Bonnie, Sandy, Barbara, Mary, Francis, Dick, Pat and George.



New Officers


The installations of new officers were held last month. For the first time in our generations, we weren’t able to prayerfully lay our hands on them and they had to social distance. Even though it was a strange and unusual way to do things, we did the best we could. Blessings! to Trustee Barb; Elders Pat, Curtis and Janet, and Deacons Barbara, Bonnie and Wilma.