We have returned to IN-PERSON worship!
We hope you will join us in worship at First Presbyterian Church of
Burlington. As you may have  guessed, worship is at the heart of our life together.
Our building is graced with exceptionally beautiful stained-glass windows
in a historical place of worship. Our sanctuary provides a glorious setting
to celebrate the goodness of God and reaffirm our faith in Jesus Christ.
Please join us on Sundays
In-person 10:00am 
via YouTube by late afternoon


First Presbyterian YouTube Channel
Bible Study
We must never settle with just reading Scripture. Studying the
Bible is meant to transform us. We should diligently be meditating, reflecting, and applying Scripture to our lives. When this becomes
a habit  God’s Word becomes far more empowering and intimate. 
-Quote from biblereasons.com
Join us when we study together! 
Men’s – 7:15am in Chapel
Women’s – 8:30am in Chapel
Adult Sunday School class
9:00am in the Chapel

First Presbyterian Church

4 Responses to “Home”

  1. Ellen Hamilton says:

    I am inquiring about the rose window. I think it is in honor of a young woman who was a member of the church. She died when she was at the university of Iowa.

    • admin says:

      Ellen, honestly I have no idea. I wish I did. I am in the process of going through history. Fingers crossed I will come across it. In the mean time I will be asking some of the members who have grown up in this church.

  2. Kelle says:

    Ellen, I talked to a few people and Polly said that the Eastman family donated it a long time ago. She could not remember the year though. 😉

  3. C Wolvington says:

    Hello friends at FPC! I only know that rose window was there the whole time I attended the church (starting in 1959). Thanks, Carol Wolvington

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