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Please pray for Christine who has been admitted to the hospital for COVID and blood clots; pray also for her family. Pray for those who have evacuated due to the fires in Colorado and California. Pray also for the firefighters and other first responders. Please pray for those who are ill with COVID and those who are caring for them. Pray for LeRoy, Connie, Jack, Joan, Nadine, Shirley, Carl, Judy, Pat and Doyle, Suzanne, Pat and Teresa. Pray for Pat who will be having surgery Wednesday.

Kelle Haller, October 8, 2020 - 11:09 am

A week old baby named Arthur. His "plumbing" is all messed up. He has had 2 surgeries as of now and will need 3 more. He crashed on Monday but is doing somewhat better. He is at the Children's hospital in Omaha.

~~~First Presbyterian Church~~~


The Choir Organ has 694 pouches to be endowed at $60 each.

As of the end of September, we currently have $11,683.99 of the $34,440 needed.

To find out more, go here.


Poinsettias are ordered in November and    displayed in the sanctuary beginning the first Sunday of Advent (this year Nov. 29!) until Epiphany (Jan. 6).  You can buy as many plants as you wish. You can take them home the day they come in, Nov 24, or on Christmas Eve. Most people like to buy them in memory or in honor of loved ones; those tributes will be shared in an insert at the Christmas Eve service and in the January Connections

 First Presbyterian Church 
Welcome Home
First Presbyterian Church of Burlington, Iowa is nestled in the downtown area and close to the famous  Snake Alley, which was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records to being “The Crookedest Street in America”. The church was built in 1888 with limestone, timber and a lot of stained glass. There is more than 160 years of Presbyterian history at this location. Click below to see pictures and history.
Go here to read more about the
history of First Presbyterian Church.
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH | 321 N 5th | BURLINGTON, IA, 52601 | | 319-752-6626 | 

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  1. Ellen Hamilton says:

    I am inquiring about the rose window. I think it is in honor of a young woman who was a member of the church. She died when she was at the university of Iowa.

    • admin says:

      Ellen, honestly I have no idea. I wish I did. I am in the process of going through history. Fingers crossed I will come across it. In the mean time I will be asking some of the members who have grown up in this church.

  2. Kelle says:

    Ellen, I talked to a few people and Polly said that the Eastman family donated it a long time ago. She could not remember the year though. 😉

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